The Physios, Trainers and Coaches at Mayfair Running Clinic are experts in managing runners of all levels, assessing and treating injuries to running re-training and strength and conditioning programming. Our team design bespoke treatment and training plans with follow up support sessions throughout.

Physio Academy deliver training courses across the country and globally, teaching our Runners Assessment Method.


Looking at you as a complete runner to ensure wherever possible we can keep you running whilst we fix any problems that are present, in a proven, tried and tested manner.


We use a variety of techniques when treating a runner. Manual therapy, joint manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue treatment etc., to help alleviate your pain and kick start your recovery. This stage of your plan is designed to facilitate an optimal return to pain-free running and from day one it is combined with rehabilitative exercises.


Analysing the way that you run with motion analysis software we identify any issues relating to your running. Tying it all together to train your running gait if indicated and ensure your style is more efficient to maximise your performance potential.


Running Assessment

Running Assessment (60mins) – £125
Running Assessment (30mins) – £65
Retraining Session (30mins) – £65


Running Specific Personal Training

10 x 60min Sessions – £900


Coaching Packages

Packages include an initial consultation in person or online with a Running Coach. Following this your Running Coach will set up a training programme from one of the options below:

LET’S RUN – £125

Suitable for anyone wanting to start running or those returning after injury or time off


Optional Weekly Programme Review – £75 per month

12-16 WEEK MARATHON – £150


Optional Weekly Programme Review – £75 per month

12-16 WEEK MARATHON – £150
(Intermediate and Advance)


Optional Weekly Programme Review – £75 per month


Running your first marathon and want to know what to expect in the weeks leading up and on the day? This single consultation covers:



The coaches at Mayfair Running Clinic have undergone training in the Physio Academy Runner's Assessment Method. All aspects of your running style, programme planning and strength and conditioning plan are assessed and tailored to your goals.

Physio Academy

Glen Robbins

Glen has an MSc from Hertfordshire University in Physiotherapy and has been working with runners for the last 15 years. The co-founder of the Physio Academy Runner's Assessment Method, he has been teaching running and lower limb courses nationally and internationally for the past 8 years to over 2500 health professionals.

Physio Academy

Ben Kilner

Ben graduated from Keele University with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy and has since added several other qualifications to his skillset including Personal Training, Exercise Rehab and Injury Prevention. He has spent 15 years treating and training people from the general public to professional athletes.

Physio Academy

Stuart Balkham

Stuart graduated from university with a degree in Sports Science and went on to gain a certification with the Titleist Performance Institute. He has over a decade of experience and has worked alongside some of the most respected names in the industry.

Physio Academy

Lizzie Marlow

Lizzie is an experienced musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. She specialises in running related injuries, including Patellofemoral Pain, Tendinopathy Management and ACL Rehabilitation. Lizzie teaches nationally on the lower limb and has recently completed her MSc at Kings College University.

Physio Academy

Gemma Bitaraf

Gemma is a qualified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) and Head Coach for an Amateur Running Club. She enjoys training athletes of all abilities from beginners to competitive runners. Gemma is a national level cyclist and coaches Triathletes.



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